The Thirteen

Initiatory Occult Institution for Hermetic Satanism

We redefine the understanding of Satanism as a cultural and occult phenomenon.

Our path is called Satanism because it embraces and synthesizes aspects of occult knowledge historically attributed to dark and sinister gods, such as Seth & Apep, Shiva & Kali, Ahriman & Az and, in modern days, to Satan. In our understanding, Satan is the ultimate summa daemonium within the whole scope of postmodern culture, much outside the usual understanding by common monotheistic religions and dualistic esotericism.

In our work we synthesize Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia & Mediterranean cultures, oriental traditions (non-dualistic Shaivism, Vamachara, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Chan- & Zen Buddhism) with post-modern scientific worldview.

We have summarized our vision of Hermetic Satanism, as well as our worldview, values and goals in a small booklet:

Download “On Hermetic Satanism” Booklet


A new kind of Institution for initiatory development, occult studies and public activities aligned with occult and initiatory work. Membership is non-public.


  • Ultimate Individualism
  • Initiatory Development
  • Hermetic Interconnectedness
  • Dignity of the Self
  • Using Passion


  • Darkness & Sinisterness
  • Occultism & Magic
  • Theurgy & Deification
  • Passionarity & Expansion
  • Progress for Civilization


As an organization, we are looking for a select few, who would be ignited for the hard work of initiatory practice on one hand, and would be able to strengthen and help us in our public work on the other. On a practical level these people should be prepared to call themselves satanists, i.e. share the values and practice the keystones described above. Probably they might be unsatisfied with what existing occult LHP organizations offer, for instance by their marginality; anti-cosmism; searches of “another worlds”; gnostic overturning of God and Satan; lack of a proper initiatory work; pure rational and psychological understanding of Satanism; or even exclusion of Satan from their worldview as claimed by some.

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What we expect from our members

What we give to our members

In return, we are prepared to offer a membership in our institution and participation in our work.


We have spent 10 years building the core team, developing and testing our ideas and methods in practice, polishing concepts and approaches. Apart from non-public activities our members have been succeeding in multiple areas, including science, technology, business and public affairs; the main areas of their public activity are related to neuroscience, artificial intelligence, economics, banking and finances, peer-to-peer technologies, information security, reforms in countries with emerging economies and rapidly shifting social environments. The results of our work are published in international peer-reviewed journals, books on economics, neuroscience and information security, legislation and laws, software products etc. All these activities are aligned with our occult and initiatory work and, in fact, represent a natural and required part of it. We see our organization as a holding, extending its occult activity into a real world, penetrating it in every possible direction, according to our own principles.