Satanic Ethos

To remain an integral being one has to be true with his own Self: this is the root of deific dignity. While Satanism opposes religious morality and implies disruption of existing status quo, satanists stay consistent in their decisions, taking responsibility for their actions: the Satanic ethos define how to combine strong individualism and sovereignty with self-integrity and dignity.

Satanic ethos is a natural development of the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, Julius Evola, Aleister Crowley, Osman Spare and Anton LaVey, as well as of many ancient and oriental great thinkers.

Lyrical equivalents of satanic ethos can be found in Code of the Sith by David Gaider, Litany against Fear from Frank Herbert's Dune, explanation about the nature of evil and sin in Arthur's Machen The White Man, concept of vertical progress in The Waves Extinguish the Wind by Strugatsky brothers, and finally, the role of darkness and privacy in establishing ingelligence, as described in Cyphernox manifesto.

Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.
Through Passion, I gain Strength.
Through Strength, I gain Power.
Through Power, I gain Victory.
Through Victory my chains are Broken.
I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Mundane ethos

Individual might, freedom are the beginnings the Satanic ethos is built on. They require privacy and technological progress as the underlying foundation on which they can be built in their permanent – and not just temporary – from. We call these four mundane ethos: and externally-observable expressions of the Satanic will.


People are unequal, and the true will of satanist must prevail, with the goals be above the means. Individual mightl isl right, and the real might may come only from sentience and intelligence. Taken together, might and intelligence result in sovereignty – and one must fight for it: the freedom always lies at the tip of the sword, first taking it, and, then, protecting it.

Pay attention: it is not true that any might is right; it is only individualized might under the true will is right; and individuation and true will can't be achieved without freedom. Thus, neither collective terror of a fascist society, nor democratic dictatorship of a majority, nor tyranny of a single usurper (no matter human or monotheistic god) is a form of satanic might, since it doesn't provide freedom to the individuals and, at the end of the days, always results in a degradation instead of progress.


It may look unexpected, but the real might requires freedoms given to others: free market, censorship resistance, privacy. Is there a contradiction? No: the only source of anti-fragile intelligence – and might, as a consequence – is competition and evolution. The one, who is afraid of it, becomes fragile, and eventually becomes dumb, losing its position. Thus, privacy, agorism and uncensorability are the cornerstones for an involving intelligence and civilization.


It is only when privacy, darkness and dark flame are added into the equation the real might have individual arises. Since nobody is equal, it expresses itself as a principle of primus inter pares between those possessing True Will, who become rulers over more primitive lifeforms, while these more primitive lifeforms still have their privacy. Privacy gives an ability to evolve in its darkness – thus always challenging and pushing more complex lifeforms and rulers to evolve even further (or be defeated). It is the privacy that brought the dawn of the intelligence.

It is the privacy that brings a real solitude of power, unleashing uncensored individual talents and potencies. It is the privacy that is a dusk for collectivism, rendering real civilizations invincible behind curtains of an unknown.


A might can't be built without scientific & technological progress, providing an instrument for obtaining strategic advantage over the collectivistic humanity. Progress is a macrocosmic equivalent for the evolving complexity of the Self on its way towards deification; the fall into the depths of the Self has to be accompanied by the rise of civilization towards the stars.

Progress also enables development of more advanced forms of privacy, such as encryption, zero-knowledge and cryptoanarchy. This provides hard-to-break guarantees for the preservation of individual freedoms no matter which direction the flow of the history will take. On the other hand, privacy is the tool of achieving stategic advantage in darkness, being unnoticed by the collectivistic humanity – before it will be too late to counter-act it.

Magical ethos

It is not true that magic has to be ethical: no, it hasn't. The only thing that magic has to do is to fulfill the own True Will, with no other restrictions.

The real ethos of the magic is that any individual today has to face tyranny of the collectivistic human society(ies) – this monotheistic quasi-god enslaving individuals and taking out their freedom and privacy, which we all have to fight with.

Aeonic magic

One of possible responses to that is achieving technological supremacy, the strategic advantage over humanity, which can guarantee individual freedom, privacy and the real might. While technological progress required for that may take time, an aeonic magic has to be utilized in order to disrupt and weaken the yoke the oppressors put on the individuals. We use it to break existing world theocracies and dictatorships (even if it is a democratic dictatorship of a majority of people) through invoking war and natural disasters out of the darkness: a power which only satanists can harness and bring upon this world.


As can be seen from the conclusions on the mundane ethos, there are some practices and beliefs that block human capacity to develop or lead to significant failures in the occult path. We call such things anti-patterns that should be avoided. These are: stigmatization, overcentralization and enclosing.

These three anti-patterns are the result of different forms of psychological repression, thus they diminish the ability to interact with Darkness, and thus make proper initiation and occult work impossible.


Stigmatization of dark, unknown, irrational elements leads to counter-initiation.


Overcentralization opposes multiplicity, fractality and complexity of the real world.

Both can be found in any monotheistic religion or oppressive social systems: we see them each time people are talking about killing the witch or extinguishing foreign and unknown for the sake of the common good and safety, as well as we hear that there is the only true god, or there is the only truth in connection to a non-scientific phenomena – like social constructs, history, philosophy, values etc.


Anybody should maintain the proper link with the environment, a form of feedback. Such feedback will not allow us to become detached from reality: pipe dreaming is a common disease between so-called esotericists and magicians. Dogmatization (another unfortunate property of many religions), inability to hear others, to see the consequences of one's own actions and take responsibility leads to an inability to adapt and fails development. We name this anti-pattern enclosing, and we strongly oppose it in both practical and philosophic sense.