Hermetic Satanism is a modern left-hand path occult system, which includes metaphysics, ethics, magical and initiatory practices, building culture around concept of apotheosis, also known as a self-deification.

Satanism has a non-dualistic nature, taking the world as a whole, without separating “spiritual” and “non-spiritual” matters, without introduction of a monotheistic god of any kind (creator, demiurge, either good or evil) but rather with a fractal Pantheon of dark deities (Pandaemonium).

The deities of the Pandaemonium could be understood in quite an agnostic or buddhist sense, being seen not only theistically, but also non-theistically: as profound laws of Nature; laws of evolution towards higher fractal complexity and sapience.

As in Renaissance, we take ancient hermetic doctrines and classical philosophy, dissect any monotheistic and dualistic influence, re-evaluate through the prism of modern scientific knowledge, merge with many left-hand path concepts and practices from Tantra and Advaita schools, creating a unique system of philosophy, magical and theurgical workings.

While our philosophy is non-dual, we name it satanism due to a fact that it belongs to the left-hand path with a strong focus on antinomianism and self-deification (theurgia or apotheosis).

In this regard, hermetic satanism diverges from other “hermetic” schools and traditions which inherit dualistic or “inversed monotheistic” views, including Gnostic, Kabalistic, Qlippothic and Goethic approaches. Instead, hermetic satanism sees the Nature and Universe around us (macrocosm) as non-human, dark and sinister – which all are the required qualia for transcendence on the path of dark deification of own inner microcosm, resembling hermetic interconnectedness with macrocosm.

We see Satan not as a dualistic counterpart to a god, but as an attractor for personal individuation and the multitude of the ever-growing personal might and expanse (we are the legion of black holes).

From a hermetic point of view, the things above are like the things below; in this sense Satanism becomes a Self-theism, understanding the Self as a Satan of the inner world, but again, not as a monotheistic center, but as a polyphony of the internal Pandaemonium.

Pro Inferno

Our path is called Satanism because it embraces and synthesizes aspects of occult knowledge historically attributed to dark and sinister gods, such as Seth & Apep, Shiva & Kali, Ahriman & Az and, in modern days, to Satan.

The Thirteen is the satanic order, since we:

  • are on the quest for dark apotheosis & theurgy – going after gods to overcome & transcend them;
  • are sinister in the deeds and goals, putting aims above the means;
  • are strongly inclined for technological progress;
  • see the darkness and black flame as the source for the above;
  • recognize Satan as both cultural symbol and a individualized force.

The initiation system used in The Thirteen synthesize modern occult with classical european hermeticism, ancient dark initiatory systems, oriental left-hand path traditions:

  • ancient cultures as a foundations for the modern technological civilisation (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Greece);
  • European hermeiticism – alchemists, artists, polymaths, philosophers & scientists – from Renaissance actors and dark Romantics up to modern schools of deep psychology;
  • non-dualistic (advaitic) eastern schools of philosophy & initiation (Tantric Buddhism, Vamachara, Kapilica, Trika & other Tantric/Shivaistic schools of Hinduism);
  • dark initiatory currents within other cultures, including Norse (Seidr), Germanic, Celtic, Asia/Oceania, Native Americas with their myths and epos;
  • Left-Hand Path systems of the modern and post-modern age, including works of LaVey, Osman Spare, Julius Evola, Temple of Set, Illuminati of Thanateros, Cultus Sabbati.

To achieve our goals here and now, additionally to occult, we use scientific knowledge and technology:

  • physics, both at microscopic (quantum) and macroscopic (relativism, astrophysics) levels;
  • complexity science: chaos theory, nonlinear dynamics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, emergence & self-organisation;
  • computer science, especially in the fields of cognitive architectures, machine learning, distributed systems, replicative state machines and cryptography;
  • abstract mathematics behind the above points;
  • biology & medicine, specifically synthetic evolution theory, neuroscience, psychology & psychiatry;
  • game theory & economics.

Contra Deum

We avoid and fight methods proved to be failed:

  • any forms of monotheistic beliefs, preferring agnosticism, anti-monotheism and pan/poly/henotheistic concepts;
  • any forms of dualism that opposes spirit to matter, including different forms of (KCQ)abalah/Qlippoth, Goethia, Gnosticism;
  • dogmatism and beliefs that we owe something to some supreme beings judging us: we rather proclaim that if one meets the Buddha, one must kill the Buddha.

Nevertheless, we appreciate the inputs made by Alister Crowley, sampling a lot of his original concepts introduced by him outside the scope of their Kabbalistic interpretations; we also understand & feel the driving forces behind the Draconian, Typhonian and related currents, while not appreciate post-monotheistic/dualistic allegories and epos used by their followers – and we accept their anti-cosmism not as a current against the Universe, but against the human society, moral and contra-individualistic worldviews, often embodied in an image of a monotheistic god.

Pentagonal Code

As a philosophy and worldview, Satanism is based on five interconnected principles called Pentagonal Code. These principles are the direct result of both Satan's nature and qualities of the Self.

Passion & Expanse

We start with passion, which is the True Will desiring to be embodied (incarnated) in Nature. Such desire is in fact an expansion of the Self; it is also called alchemical projection and represents the triumph of the opus magnum.

Ultimate individualism

Evolving individuality – the Self, its Nature and Will – has the supreme value. This is the principle of the sovereignty of the Self: there is no law above the unfolding Will of the Self; there is no truth above its evolving Nature. No authorities or dogmas can diminish this principle or proclaim any objective absolute truth.

Initiation & Dark Apotheosis

Individuation leads to the evolvement of the Self into a deific form, much beyond biological, social and psychological restrictive bounds of the mundane life – dark apotheosis. Such initiation frequently takes violent and extreme forms, and can be seen as endless, branching fractal spiral – the crooked path.

Occultism & Magic

Occultism is a set of methods for obtaining information and acting in the area of unknown or partly unknown, taking the risk and responsibility for mistakes. The path of deific individuation is not possible without the occult method, which consists of mysticism (as a way of comprehending unknown and irrational) and magic (as a way of acting upon it).


As above, so below: our individuality (microcosm) exists within a larger world (macrocosm), which are they are strongly interconnected.

The Self is able to evolve only by manifesting its Will both upon the inner and the outer world. Thus, Satanism strongly opposes solipsism, as well as out-of-the-reality pipe dreaming or we'll do it in the other world esoteric fantasies.

Key Concepts

Satanic concepts define efficient occult tools for fulfilling own True Will and obtaining the might required for that.


Sinisterness means both “left-hand path”, i.e. the work of individuation, and something “sinful”, “evil”. Evil is the same as live, just read backwards: a simple acceptance of the fact that any “common good” is impossible. It is everlasting cycle of chaos and death, rooted in darkness and driven by the dark flame.


Timeless, spaceless, nameless there is Darkness: the source of everything that exists, used to exist or may exist; the omni-potential for everything possible. Unknown, non-understandable, irrational, so it invokes fear – but satanists face their fears, allow them to pass over and through, until there is nothing other than their Self remains. Thus, Darkness does initiate and Darkness is the only source of initiation.

Dark flame

True Will, awakened from Darkness, develops throughout the occult initiatory work towards the desire for deification. A deity we are seeking to become cannot be separated from the world: it is a deity of the world, not outside of it. As Satan is titled the Prince of this World, the same way a deity evolving as a result of opus magnum has to influence, change and define the world, culture and civilization.


Chaos is the state of maximal entropy: a state where reason and logic can't operate. It is a source of any emergence and development and a force that pushes progress and evolution by causing unpredictable changes (mutations). Chaos makes our world non-deterministic, providing foundation for the free will. Manifested as black noise, also known as "black swarms" (unexpected events, catastrophes) it ensures anti-fragility – and destroys things which are fragile (alchemical solve).


Death is the force of separation and distinction, is some philosophical sense killing Chaos. It dissects the real value out of things, and eliminates things which doesn't have one. In doing so Death becomes a force of change rectifying the matrix of existent into tempered forms, able to persists forever (alchemical coagula). As one may say the true gods are always dead we claim that the real Self can form only as a result of philosophical death – the major milestone in opus magnum.