Initiatory Occult Order for Hermetic Satanism

The Thirteen

Ex Tenebris sententia: sapiens dominatibur astris

The Thirteen is an initiatory occult left-hand path order.
We redefine the understanding of Satanism as a cultural and occult phenomenon.

Unlike many other occult organizations, we combine internal workings with expansion into the external world, striving to fulfill our will in matter, space and time.

Our initiates perform the great work of dark theurgy, utilizing aeonic powers unleashed in this process to acquire individual might and radically transform the world around.


  • Ultimate individualism: radical Left-Hand Path philosophy and practice
  • Hermeticism: non-dualistic holistic worldview
  • Initiation & dark apotheosis:
    the Great work for the Self to transcend any boundaries
  • Passion & expanse:
    insatiable ambitions multiplied by a dark ecstasy
  • Occultism: working with the unknown, no matter the price


  • Individual might: do what though wilt is the whole of the law
  • Individual freedom from common good, dictatorship of majority, or tyranny of usurpers
  • Privacy: foundation for the freedom and guarantee of constant evolution via competition
  • Technological progress as the way to achieve might in this world
  • Aeonic magic as the way to disrupt the order of collectivistic societies

Key concepts

  • Darkness: incomprehensible ontological reality as the foundation for everything that exists
  • Dark flame: the universal force of individuation – becoming, evolving, transcending
  • Chaos: emergent complexity of the world (solve)
  • Death: transformative force removing all admixtures (coagula)
  • Sinisterness: evil they name us – evil we are

Hermetic Satanism

Hermetic Satanism is a modern left-hand path occult system, which includes worldview, philosophy, initiatory practices and culture built around the concept of dark apotheosis, also known as self-deification.

As in Renaissance, we take ancient hermetic doctrines and classical philosophy, dissect all monotheistic and dualistic influence, re-evaluate through the prism of modern scientific knowledge, merge with many left-hand path concepts and practices from tantric and advaitic schools, creating a unique system of philosophy, magical and theurgical workings.


Selected articles


As an organization, we are looking for the very selected few, who would be ignited for the hard work of initiatory practice on the one hand, and would be able to strengthen and help us in our public work on the other. On a practical level these people should be prepared to call themselves satanists, i.e. share the values and ethos described above.



The Thirteen is an international Left-Hand Path order. Our initiatory system is called Hermetic Satanism and is based on the revival of classical hermetics, tantra, advaita, combined with modern scientific knowledge.

The Thirteen was established at the end of 2013, as a part of aeonic workings by Azurvan Order mages in Kyiv, Ukraine. Today, order headquarters are located in Switzerland.

In 2024 the order became open to public.